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Helo Cava combines exclusive materials with modern design.

Helo Cava combines exclusive materials with modern design, and offers an excellent bathing atmosphere. Together with sauna stones (ca. 30 kgs) , the heat restoring soap stone surfaces give unforgettable smooth, moist sauna bath. The stylish graphite-grey stove can be installed on the floor or integrated into the benches using a soapstone fitting collar. The Cava DE model is controlled by a Midi or Digi II controller. For Cava DET, controller options are T1 and EC 50.


The Features

Long-lasting heat

The generated heat is constantly conserved in the the sauna stones under the soapstones, helping to distribute the steam evenly. The sauna stays moist and soothingly warm for a long time.

Even heat

Since Cava radiates heat both upwards and to the front through the soapstones, it creates a perfectly even and pleasant temperature in the sauna. The gentle, soft rise of steam also adds to the overall genuine sauna experience.

Fitting control unit Cava

Digi I

DIGI I is a simple but smart solution that gives you most basic comfort functions at the touch of a button. DIGI I lets you preheat your sauna anytime within a 24 hour period, ensuring a relaxing and refreshing climate is ready when you are without having to wait. The digital touch pad is also your control for temperature, lighting and the fan. DIGI I is designed for wall or flush mounting outside the sauna.

Digi II

Such as Cava and Pikkutonttu, or for commercial type heaters such as SKLE, Octa and Seidankivi. With preheating timings from 0-24 hours, set heating time of 0-6 hours, and one-touch preset bathing programmes, DIGI II gives you maximum flexibility in managing comfort.

You’ll also find keys for temperature adjustment, light and fan operation, and the high-visibility LCD display provides information in your choice 5 languages (Finnish,

Swedish, English, German and Dutch).

Flush or surface mounted outside the sauna, Helo Digi II has a total size of 138x173x34 mm (wxhxd).


Helo Easy is the latest innovation in sauna control units. The fixed heating time is max. 6 hours with 5-step “+” and “-” temperature adjustment. Helo Easy can be flush or surface mounted outside the sauna room and can be used with a low voltage connection for sauna heaters such as Cava and Pikkutonttu.

Size 70x70x30 mm (wxhxd), delivery includes 3 different frames.


This slimline digital control unit is optimised for sauna heaters like Cava, Plus and Pikkutonttu. Preset time is 0-23 hours and heating time 0-6 hours. You can control the temperature and the display shows you both the set temperature and the actual temperature. The sauna light can also be operated via Helo Midi. Helo Midi is available in 2 different frame colours: white and chrome.

Size 56x186x15 mm (wxhxd).


This new control panel is designed to control the heater or steam bath – and it is good looking too. T1 is equipped with a touch-control and it shows temperature and time in operating mode. It is also equipped with a switch for lighting, an easy control for the temperature, a switch between Fahrenheit/Celsius, 12 h/24 h format, multiple languages and other more advanced settings and a testing possibility.


The EC50 control panel makes it simple and economical to have complete control of your sauna. The panel blends discretely and elegantly into your bathroom with its clean and essential design. It has an easy-to-read display for convenient control of the start- up time, temperature and lighting. The panel can be set for 0-3 hours of heating time. You can also set a countdown between 0-10 hours for the heater to start.

The panel incorporates a child- proof code lock to prevent accidental operation. The EC50 with its practical features is a smart choice for anyone who wants precise control of their sauna – at an affordable price.

Technical specifications

Type Power (kW) Sauna size (m3) Size (WxHxD)
CAVA 6 DE 6.0 6-10 490 x 830 x 230 35 – 40
CAVA9 DE 9.0 9-13 490 x 830 x 230 35 – 40
CAVA 6 DET 6.0 6-10 490 x 830 x 230 35 – 40
CAVA9 DET 9.0 9-13 490 x 830 x 230 35 – 40

Safety distance

Type Side (mm) Front (mm) Ceiling (mm)
Cava 6 DE 100 300 1070
Cava 9 DE 100 350 1070
Cava 6 DET 100 300 1070
Cava 9 DET 100 350 1070


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