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The Octa heater is based on traditional technology.

The Octa stove is based on traditional technology. This stove is ideal for saunas of all shapes, and can even be placed in the middle of a sauna. Stately in appearance, Octa stoves are suitable for saunas sized from 8-24 mᶾ.


The Features

One heater, multiple sensations

BWT from Helo means several sauna experiences in one solution. Enjoy your favorite sauna alone or share different sauna experiences with family and friends. With a BWT-ready sauna heater from Helo, it is all possible. The flexibility of BWT from Helo means several opportunities for a pleasurable sauna experience.

Keeping CO 2 emissions to a minimum and your pleasure at a maximum

Helo BWT is a cost effective and highly energy efficient sauna solution. Steam generation happens without any auxiliary power or added technology. One intelligent sauna solution allows you to enjoy your favorite sauna experience from a single sauna and steam solution. The ingenuity that has gone into developing BWT has resulted in an innovation keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum and your pleasure at a maximum.

Enjoy a multi layered sauna experience from one single sauna solution. In our BWT-ready saunas, we have created a number of different but equally pleasurable sauna experiences packed into one simple solution. It is BWT from Helo. A sauna that changes with you.


Less wear and longer life protects your investment.

The generally lower levels of heat used in a BWT-ready sauna from Helo means less stress on the sauna room and hardware. Your sauna room will last longer and the simple engineering of BWT keeps technical maintenance to a minimum.


Customise your sauna experience and comfort in an authentic Finnish sauna environment. With our BWT-ready sauna heaters you may enjoy a full spectrum of relaxing and luxurious sauna therapies from one single solution. It is flexible, it is multi layered. It is all in BWT from Helo.

Gentle sauna

Add water to BWT-container, set temperature to:


Gentle sauna

Enveloping steam

Longer sessions

Bio-aroma available


Fill BWT water container and set temperature to:


More humidity

Lower temperature

A gentle sauna experience

Bio-aroma available

Fitting Control Unit OCTA

Digi I

DIGI I is a simple but smart solution that gives you most basic comfort functions at the touch of a button. DIGI I lets you preheat your sauna anytime within a 24 hour period, ensuring a relaxing and refreshing climate is ready when you are without having to wait. The digital touch pad is also your control for temperature, lighting and the fan. DIGI I is designed for wall or flush mounting outside the sauna.

Digi II

Such as Cava and Pikkutonttu, or for commercial type heaters such as SKLE, Octa and Seidankivi. With preheating timings from 0-24 hours, set heating time of 0-6 hours, and one-touch preset bathing programmes, DIGI II gives you maximum flexibility in managing comfort.

You’ll also find keys for temperature adjustment, light and fan operation, and the high-visibility LCD display provides information in your choice 5 languages (Finnish, Swedish, English, German and Dutch).

Flush or surface mounted outside the sauna, Helo Digi II has a total size of 138x173x34 mm (wxhxd).


This new control panel is designed to control the heater or steam bath – and it is good looking too. T2 is equipped with a touch-control and it shows temperature and time in operating mode. It has the ability to pre-program the heating of your sauna up to 23 hours ahead. It is also equipped with a switch for lighting, an easy control for the temperature, a switch between Fahrenheit/Celsius, a 12 h/24 h format, multiple language and other more advanced settings and a testing possibility.

WE 4

Contactor box WE 4 is used together with Digi I and Digi II control units for SKLE, Laava and Octa heaters. It is installed in a dry area outside the sauna. Dimensions are 340 x 195 x 90 (L x H x D).

WE 14

Contactor box WE14 is used together with T2 control units for SKLE, Laava, SKLA, Magma, Octa and Saga Electro heaters. It is installed in a dry area outside the sauna. Dimensions are 345 x 310 x 120 (L x H x D).

Technical specifications

Type Power (kW) Sauna size (m3) Size (WxHxD) Stones (kg) BWT
Octa 901 9.0 6 – 13 560 x 760 x 560 60
Octa 1051 10.5 9 – 15 560 x 760 x 560 60
Octa 1201 12.0 10 – 18 560 x 760 x 560 60 available
Octa 1501 15.0 14 – 24 560 x 760 x 560 60 available

Safety distance

Type Side (mm) Front (mm) Back (mm) Ceiling, (mm)
Octa 901 25 25 35 1150
Octa 1051 25 25 35 1150
Octa 1201 65 65 75 1350
Octa 1501 65 65 75 1350


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