Ringo Black

Quick Overview

The Ringo Black is impressive high-quality heaters for a reasonable price. The heater have been designed for Finnish family saunas. The pillar-like structure provides soft but strong steam as the sturdy container holds 70 kg of sauna stones.

There are two different models: the stylish Ringo Black with honeycomb-shaped outer shell, and the Robust Black enclosed in special-coated protective panels.

The heater are easy to install and a joy to use. The heater is floor-mounted, levelled with adjustable legs and then mounted to a wall or a sauna bench. The clear and user-friendly controls can be found in the bottom panel of the heater. The heater is controlled with a thermostat and a 12‑hour timer, with a 9-hour pre-setting timeframe and a warming time of 0–3 hours.


The Features

BWT – One heater, multiple sensations

BWT from Helo means several sauna experiences in one solution. Enjoy your favorite sauna alone or share different sauna experiences with family and friends. With a BWT-ready sauna heater from Helo, it is all possible. The flexibility of BWT from Helo means several opportunities for a pleasurable sauna experience.

Keeping CO 2 emissions to a minimum and your pleasure at a maximum

Helo BWT is a cost effective and highly energy efficient sauna solution. Steam generation happens without any auxiliary power or added technology. One intelligent sauna solution allows you to enjoy your favorite sauna experience from a single sauna and steam solution. The ingenuity that has gone into developing BWT has resulted in an innovation keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum and your pleasure at a maximum.

Enjoy a multi layered sauna experience from one single sauna solution. In our BWT-ready saunas, we have created a number of different but equally pleasurable sauna experiences packed into one simple solution. It is BWT from Helo. A sauna that changes with you.


Less wear and longer life protects your investment.

The generally lower levels of heat used in a BWT-ready sauna from Helo means less stress on the sauna room and hardware. Your sauna room will last longer and the simple engineering of BWT keeps technical maintenance to a minimum.


Customise your sauna experience and comfort in an authentic Finnish sauna environment. With our BWT-ready sauna heaters you may enjoy a full spectrum of relaxing and luxurious sauna therapies from one single solution. It is flexible, it is multi layered. It is all in BWT from Helo.

Gentle sauna

Add water to BWT-container, set temperature to:


Gentle sauna

Enveloping steam

Longer sessions

Bio-aroma available


Fill BWT water container and set temperature to:


More humidity

Lower temperature

A gentle sauna experience

Bio-aroma available

Technical specifications

Type Power (kW) Sauna size (m3) ø x H, mm Stones (kg) BWT
Ringo Black 60 STJ 6.0 5 – 9 365 x 750 70 available
Ringo Black 80 STJ 8.0 8 – 13 365 x 750 70 available


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