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The latest innovation of Helo for the accumulating.

Rondo is one of Helo’s accumulating, ever-ready type sauna stoves. The stove is round and its patented lid turns 360 degrees, which gives you entirely new possibilities to design your sauna interior.

Rondo is controlled by its own control unit, installed inside the sauna room. You can choose the standby temperature and decide the type of sauna bath you wish to achieve by adjusting the temperature of the stones. Rondo’s optimised insulation shell retains effectively the heat produced by 90 kg of stones, letting you enjoy saunas at a moment’s notice. Heat accumulating stoves work very well even with one heating – including the times when the sauna is not in regular use.

The stove is supplied with an easy-to-use handheld controller that can be installed in the sauna (humidity level IPX4). The length of the controller cable is approx. 3 m, extendible by 2 m.

Rondo is a freestanding stove but it can also be integrated into the benches. The safety distances required around the stove are only 10 mm and a 1040-mm clearance above.


The Features

Convenient luxury

RONDO’s unique design not only ensures the stable and controlled release of heat, it maximises your convenience — making your sauna session even more of a pleasure. Its optimised insulation shell retains heat effectively, letting you enjoy saunas without pre-heating, and because of its cool-touch exterior, makes it easy to position anywhere in the sauna with minimal safety distances.

One of a kind access

No other heater can boast a 360 degree swivel lid — a true Helo innovation. RONDO’s repositionable lid means you can, for instance, simply reach from where you’re seated and open the heater without getting up — letting you to effortlessly add a ladle of water anytime the mood strikes you. This remarkable lid, like the rest of the heater, is guaranteed for years of dependable performance.

Heat effectively

Super-insulated shell maintains heat effectively even when not in use, letting you enjoy a sauna on the spur of the moment and with no preheating.

Patented swivel lid

Patented swivel lid can be turned 360 degrees, giving you access to the rocks in any position.

Rocks for rich, soft heat

Holds up to 90 kg of rocks for rich, soft heat

Unique quality-design

Unique quality-design barrel shape radiates heat and steam evenly in every direction.

Control unit

Digital control unit included in the delivery

Technical specifications

Type Power (kW) Sauna size (m3) Size (WxHxD) Stones (kg)
Rondo 450 4.5 5 – 8 500 x 860 x 500 90
Rondo 650 6.5 7 – 13 500 x 860 x 500 90
Rondo 960 9.6 10 – 18 500 x 860 x 500 90

Safety distance

Type Side (mm) Front (mm) Back (mm) Ceiling (mm)
Rondo 450 10 10 10 1040
Rondo 650 10 10 10 1040
Rondo 960 10 10 10 1040


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