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Interested in conjuring up a unique-looking sauna that stands out from the crowd? The new Helo Taika* is the perfect addition to your stylish sauna cabin, giving it a magical touch and turning an ordinary experience into something enchanting.


The work of top Finnish designer Ristomatti Ratia, this sauna heater was inspired by the look of a witch’s pitch-black cauldron. The brew inside the cauldron consists of 65 kilos of sauna stones. Just add a sprinkling of water and enjoy the consistent and pleasantly soft steam emerging from the depths.

The Helo Taika heater is floor mounted. It is 77 cm tall and has an impressive diameter of 68 cm. To get the most out of this sauna heater – a design classic of the future – the sauna cabin should be fairly spacious.

A control unit and a contactor box are required to operate the heater. The Helo Smart digital control unit, specially designed for this top-of-the-range heater, allows you to operate the lighting and ventilation in the sauna cabin and has an energy-saving eco function.

* Taika is the Finnish word magic.

TYPE POWER (kW) SAUNA SIZE (m3) MINIMUM DISTANCES (mm) side / front / ceiling
HELO TAIKA 80 8.0 8.0 – 13.0 30/30/1130
HELO TAIKA 100 9.9 9.0 – 15.0 30/30/1130
HELO TAIKA 120 12.0 10.0 – 18.0 30/30/1130


680 770


8.0 8.0 – 13.0 30 / 30 / 1130 HELO TAIKA 100 9.9 9.0 – 15.0 30 / 30 / 1130 HELO TAIKA 120 12.0 10.0 – 18.0 30 / 30 / 1130


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