Steam rooms and steam showers are becoming more and more popular in the residential market – people have been experiencing the enjoyment and benefits of steam rooms at their health clubs and spas for a number of years and the technology is now affordable and available for home installation.

Is a steam shower right for me?

Purchasing a steam shower / steam generator is not like buying any other appliance for your home. In addition to the equipment cost, you will most probably require an experienced steam installer to install the unit, a plumber to do the necessary plumbing and an electrician to provide the necessary dedicated electrical feed from you distribution board.

Remember also that a steam generator will create a huge amount of moisture in your area so the steam shower enclosure will have to be built to accommodate this.

People with certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, should never use steam showers without consulting their doctors first. Pregnant women and very young children should never take steam showers.

Shower conversions to Steam showers:

If you want a steam shower that will enhance your bathroom, a custom steam shower is the answer.

It is a normal shower enclosure with a steam generator that has been adapted to handle the increased moisture level of steam, with a special ceiling, and a sealed door. Normally it also has a seat (fixed or foldup) installed.

Although it is preferable to build a steam shower from scratch it is very possible to convert an existing shower into a steam shower

Luxury Steam rooms:

Your imagination and budget is your only limit when it comes to building a luxury steam room. A variety of finishes / extra options are available – incl. rain shower heads, LED lighting, multiple water jets, fragrance dispensers etc.

How to choose a steam generator:

The engine of a steam room or steam shower is the steam generator. Ensure your steam generator is compatible with your building’s power supply – i.e. if you choose a three-phase unit ensure you have three-phase power, or alternatively redesign your area to be small enough for a single-phase unit.

A variety of control options are available too – if you want a system with simple on/off/temperature setting functions this is available, as are systems with touch screen interfaces and home automation options.